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Yogendra Singh
Yogendra Singh

About us

Hello, first of all, thanks for visiting this page. This page is all about me – Yogendra Singh (Founder of SciencePlusPlus). You will get exciting things about my life.

About SciencePlusPlus:

SciencePlusPlus (Science++) is an educational platform. Here you can learn any thing related to science . Improve technical skills and enhance growth in career.
Success is all about taking new initiatives. I started developing SciencePlusPlus in the year 2020 . At that time, I was at B.tech 4th year. Meanwhile, I thought my knowledge should be spread all over the world.. So I started developing SciencePlusPlus .

After that, I added Math , Physics and Chemistry day by day. Later, I added too many many subjects.
So , here we discuss about —
Education ( class 1 to 12th ).
Math Tricks.
Puzzle and Quiz.
Magic trick
Career tips.
And many more information related to education.

Why I started the SciencePlusPlus

I wanted to help those students who are fed up with good education due to lack of resources.
That’s why I thought my knowledge should be spread all over the world.
From that day, I taken a decision that whatever I will learn from today, I will share it with everyone, since then I have been walking this path.
I hope my journey will never end. And I am enjoying this journey.

Why SciencePlusPlus Name :

I searched plenty of excellent names on the net, but all were registered. Since I used to be searching associated with science , because I’m expert in science ( Physics and Advance Mathematics ).
I wanted to Science take two  more step forward.

So I just added PlusPlus with Science and checked on the internet if it’s registered or not. Thankfully, it absolutely was not registered. So, I registered this domain. In my opinion, name doesn’t matter an excessive amount of, work matters plenty. I thought, if I could work better to the prevailing site, it’ll be famous someday. And, thank God, now all the visitors and students comprehend it.

about me:

I don’t know what to say about yourself. I am an ordinary boy since childhood, willing to learn new things and implement new ideas.
I am engineer by profession.
Never worry about what I don’t have. This is best thing I have.


If you play the game, you sometimes fail, and it teaches that you keep going. As a child, I used to enjoy playing games like Eye Spy, Flying Kite, Gilli Danda, Badminton, Ludo , Carrom & cricket . Later I started playing cricket , yet I played cricket until 12th, I gave up everything, because I was out of the house. It was not a metro city, so there was limited scope and the family was not supporting cricket, so I became a career oriented boy.

Let’s be friends

I always like to make new friends. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram and stay connected with me.



we hope you enjoy our knowledge as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us


Yogendra Singh

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