3-D Cylinder

3-D Cylinder & its Formulas : A cylinder is one of the common shapes we see in everyday life. It is three dimensional(3-D). It has two parallel faces which are called as bases or ends of the cylinder. A curved surface joins these two bases. Therefore, a cylinder area, more predominantly referred as surface area …

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3-D Cube

3-D Cube : In geometry, a cube is a three-dimensional solid object surrounded by six square faces or sides that all meet each vertex. The cube is also called a regular hexahedron and is one of the five platonic solids. The cube is a special type of square prism, which is of rectangular parallel quadrilateral …

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2-D Geometry

Square :  In Geometry, Square refers to a two-dimensional figure with four equal sides and 4 equal right angles. it is a regular quadrilateral. A square with vertices P ,Q,R & S would be denoted as PQRS. The Square is additionally both a Rhombus (Equal Sides) and a Rectangle (Equal Angles) and so consists of …

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Geometry Introduction

Geometry Introduction :  The term Geometry described from two Greek words, Geo which suggests earth and Metric which suggests measurement. Thus the study which measures the shapes, sizes and positions of objects and figures on earth is understood as Geometry. and therefore the tools which are accustomed study and understand this very interesting a part …

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