Right Angle Triangle This is a special type of triangle. It plays an important role in mathematics. As we know that there is a huge role of the right-angle triangle in Pythagoras. A right-angle triangle has an angle of 90̊ and the sum of two other angles is also equal to 90̊. And the explanation …

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Trigonometric ratio

TRIGONOMETRY Trigonometry  is  the  branch of  mathematics. As we know that now days it  is going to become important part of mathematics .Basically the meaning of  trigonometry is ‘Measurement of triangles’.   In Short ,we can say that Trigonometry  ANGLE : It is formed by two lines & these line meets at common point. MEASUREMENT OF …

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Linear equation

Back Linear Equation: Format of the equation  —ax + b = 0    …(1)Where a , b ∈ R & a≠0it is known as a linear equation.Root of equation (1) :x= -b/a Example 1. Solve the equation                 2x + 3(x-1) = x+7solution.We have  2x+3(x-1) = x+7 ⇒ 2x+3x-3=x+7    …

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Lesson-map Linear Equation Quadratic Equation Condition for common roots Graph of quadratic Minimum & Maximum Value of Equation Location of roots

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