Coin through Handkerchief Magic

Coin through Handkerchief Magic Trick :


You wrap a coin in a handkerchief. You let the spectator hold the four corners. You visually extract the coin from inside the handkerchief.


Borrow a coin and a handkerchief. Doing so automatically destroys any notion of gimmicked coin or handkerchief. A borrowed item is worth clarification of a million words.

Pinch the coin with your left thumb and index finger. Cover the coin with the handkerchief. The coin should be roughly in the center of the handkerchief. The right hand pretends to adjust the coin, but really helps the left thumb pinch a little bit of the handkerchief against the back of the coin.

I know you are thinking that I am going to vanish the coin. No, it is still here. This patter line gives you a reason to lift and pull back the front side of the handkerchief to reveal the coin. However, when covering the coin again, you lift both back and front sides of the handkerchief and flip them forward. The coin is now effectively outside of the handkerchief.

With your left hand still pinching the handkerchief and the coin, start twisting the four corners of the handkerchief. Doing so will lock the coin into position. You can even ask a spectator to feel the coin, saying, Can you still feel it in there? This casually suggests that the coin is still in the handkerchief. Of course the spectator will say yes, reinforcing the notion even more.

Let the spectator hold the four corners. You work on the other end with the coin. Act focused. Slowly uncover the coin and dig it out. It looks like you have pulled it out from inside the handkerchief!

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