Help Your Child To Do Homework

Help Your Child to do Homework: 

Homework means a home task in which the teacher gives the responsibility to the student to work himself or she on the topics covered in the class.


1.    First of all the parents should check the topic which is taught in the class

2.    It should be asked by the student, whether he or she has comprehended the topic or not.

3.    It is not essential that parents who have done Maths specialization can only teach maths, but it’s essential to comprehend the concept and help the child in either ways.

4.    Always try to give positive comments. It’s wrong to say in front of the child that “Don’t worry; I was bad in Maths too.” This makes a child loose interest in understanding the mathematical concepts and the child loses interest in Maths.

5.    Even if you are not aware about the topic, then just take a look at the examples which the teacher has given to the student in the classwork.

6.    Motivate the student to try again and again because to be perfect in Maths one has to practice the questions like math fractions.


1.    Activity oriented – If a child is unable to solve the problem then make the child sit and do the activity for simple learning using educational toys. The same technique can be applied in completion of homework also , these. First let the child practice the problems in rough and then he or she can do the homework. For example if a child is not able to comprehend the concept of plus and minus in Maths. What you can do is that take one pencil in your hand and after sometime takes one more pencil. Explain the child that one and one is two, this is the concept of addition and if you will take out one pencil, then only one will remain, this is the concept of subtraction. After explaining the concept tells the child to comprehend and solve the homework in your presence and with your support.

2.    Audio visual  – if a child is unable to solve the geometric problem, use the technology of internet check How to use USB as RAM in computer easily ? . Show the child colorful pictures of square, rectangle, circle etc. After showing the picture help the child for constructing the figure using draw and paint with different colors. This will make more interesting for the child and he or she will remember for a long time. Then tell the child to attempt the questions given in the homework.

3.    Daily life experiences – If a child wants to multiply, divide or wants to calculate the amount of any object, give the child the duty to take care of the money spend on his stationary in a month. On the first day of the month tell him or her to present the bill. By this experience he will be able to calculate maximum calculations and he can use the calculations in the homework.

This is how we can talk about math homework help and the things we should take in mind when we are doing it.

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