Magic Trick : Coin Trick through Neck and out of Mouth

Coin Trick through Neck and out of Mouth :


You insert a coin into the back of your neck and cough it out from your mouth.


A good place to perform this effect would be at any place.  You need a coin .


Roll up your sleeves.  Borrow a coin, or anything as small.  Take the coin in your right hand.  I was born with a soft spot at the back of my neck.   Nobody else has it.  Can you see it?  While saying so, you turn around and your right hand points the coin at the back of your neck.

Obviously, your audience would say no.  You pass the coin to your left hand so that your right hand can now point at the exact location.  Right here!  Touch here.  It feels different.  For a moment, your left hand raises slightly higher so that the audience will notice the coin.

When they are busy figuring out what is wrong with the back of your neck, you place the coin into your right elbow pit and hold it there.  Your left hand still holds a grip as if there is still a coin in it.  Turn and face the audience.  Let me show you something totally incredible.  Your left hand transfers the coin, which is not really there, into your right hand.  You turn around and start rubbing the coin against the back of your neck.  After a moment, slowly reveal that right hand is empty.  So is your left hand.  Turn around and face the audience.  Then, begin coughing.  You insert your right fingers into your mouth as if to dig out something.

All of a sudden, you bend forward and cough loudly.  Your right arm straightens, apparently pulling out something.  The coin hidden in your elbow pit will be released.  It looks like it flies right out from your mouth!


The best way to fake holding a coin and fake transferring one is to study how yourself handle the coin legitimately.  Go in front of a mirror.  See how you would really hold a coin.  Study the finger movements when you are transferring a coin from one hand to another.  Imitate that.

Also notice your eyes movements.  Your eyes should follow the coin as if it really exists.  This is an important aspect in misdirection.

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