Magic Trick : Read the spectator’s mind and draw a similar picture

Magic Trick : Read the spectator’s mind and draw a similar picture


Ask a spectator to draw a simple shape on the back of a card while you turn away.  You even put it into an envelope so that you cannot see it.  You read the spectator’s mind and draw a similar picture.

Setup :

A good place to perform this effect would be at a dinner table.  You need a reflective item that can act as a mirror, yet few people would realize it.  For example, a metal spoon, a cup of black coffee, etc.  You also need a pen, a piece of blank card and an envelope.

Performance :

Give the pen and the piece of blank card to the spectator sitting to your right, say Smith.  Draw a simple picture thats easy to visualize.  Saying so prevents him from drawing an elaborated picture that is difficult to reproduce and takes up too much time.  I prefer using blank cards instead of papers because people are less likely to fold cards.

You take out an envelope and give it to the spectator on your left, say Parry.  You take the card back from Smith and hold it above your cup of coffee.  Say to Parry, Can you help me put this card into the envelope?  I don’t want to see.  I don’t even want to touch it.  Meanwhile, you are glimpsing the reflection of the drawing in your coffee.  You are all set.

After Parry has put the card into the envelope, begin to act like you are reading Smith’s mind.   You are receiving impressions pieces by pieces, much like putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  Pick up a pen and start drawing slowly.  Let everybody sees what you are drawing.  Pretend to be uncertain and hesitate with every stroke.  Finally, complete a picture that looks 70% like Johns.

Avoid being 100% correct.  That looks fake.  Also, act weary.  You can have an excuse not to perform this feat the second time, which might give away your methods.

Experiment with different reflective surfaces at a dinner table.

The effect seems simple and it is.  Remember – it doesn’t matter HOW you get your information, it’s how you use that information to make yourself look like a mind reader.  You can turn anything into a complete miracle.

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