Paper Napkin Magic Trick :

Diminishing Paper Napkin Magic Trick :

You engage in a friendly competition with a spectator. Each squeezes a paper napkin to make the smallest paper ball. You make it as small as a pea, and then vanish it!

Setup : 

A good place to perform this magic .  You need two pieces of paper napkins .


Roll up your sleeves. Get two pieces of paper napkins and give one to the spectator. Tell him, We are going to play a little game. Roll the paper napkin into your fist. We are going to squeeze it to see who gets the smaller paper ball.

While rolling the paper napkin into your right fist, secretly tear a corner as you are rolling it up. Leave the torn corner exposed from the thumb side of your right fist. Say, Wait… let’s make it more challenging. Use your weaker hand. As the spectator transfers his paper ball to his left hand, you transfer only the torn corner.

The larger ball stays in your right palm, lightly held, but the exposed corner gives the illusion that you have transferred the entire paper ball to your left hand. It is very important that your eyes follow the torn corner. To perform this false transfer convincingly, transfer a paper ball from hand to hand legitimately in front of a mirror. Study your own movement and imitate it when doing a false transfer. Say use your weaker hand instead of use our… or use my… so that the audience is less likely to remember that you have switched hand.

Act like you are squeezing hard. At this moment, everybody is looking at the spectators left hand and yours. If you are sitting at a table, your right hand may now secretly ditch the larger paper ball into your lap. If you are standing, casually put it into your pocket.

We will open our hands on the count of three. One… two… three! The audience will be surprised and amused by your pea-size paper ball. Your right hand pinches the small paper ball with the thumb and index finger, and brings it closer to the large paper ball as if to contrast their sizes. Everybody believes the trick is over. Nobody is paying attention. This is the offbeat for you to do another secret move. Your right hand pretends to put the little paper ball back into your left palm. As your left hand closes, your right middle and ring finger clips the little paper ball back into your right palm. The illusion given is that you have put the small paper ball into the left hand.

Sometimes I can even squeeze it to the size of an atom Your left hand continue squeezing. While attention is on your left hand, your right hand ditches the remaining paper ball. Open your left hand. Can you see it? The audience realizes the paper ball has just vanished.

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