Right Angle Triangle

This is a special type of triangle. It plays an important role in mathematics. As we know that there is a huge role of the right-angle triangle in Pythagoras. A right-angle triangle has an angle of 90̊ and the sum of two other angles is also equal to 90̊. And the explanation of the Pythagoras theorem is only possible by the right-angle triangle.


In this figure, we can see that here angle B is a right angle triangle.


Here we are going to discuss the important properties of a right-angle triangle. The angle between the two adjacent sides like perpendicular and base is equal to the 90̊. And the opposite side of the 90̊ angle is the hypotenuse. As we know that the longest side of the right triangle is the hypotenuse. And the area of the right-angle triangle is =½*base*height. It helps us to derive Pythagoras theorem.

When two other angles of a right-angle triangle are equal to 45̊.then such type of triangle is known as an isosceles right-angle triangle.

These are the important properties of the right-angle triangle.which is basically use in different mathematical operations. Let’s come to another topic. The right-angle triangle defines a very important theorem which is known as  PYTHAGORAS THEOREM Now we are going to discuss Pythagoras theorem. It is going to be special. With the help of the right-angle triangle, it will be defined. A*A =B*B +C*C This is the simple way to solve Pythagoras Theorem.

Now we are obtaining the area of the square and equate them mathematically. A*A=B*B+C*C Basically we can say that this is the sum of the square of two other squares is equal to the square of the hypotenuse side.

Hence proved .this is the derivation of Pythagoras theorem.

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